Have you ever undressed a girl in a game? One whose clothes were painted on?

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Poker, and especially its strip version, has always delivered a lot of emotion. However, imagine, a game where the clothes of your opponent are painted on! Surprising? Of course! Discover a game that combines artistic bodypainting, phenomenal beauty of the opponents and the great fun of poker. Unlike real poker, nothing can be won here, but the pleasure of defeating an opponent is certainly no less!

ART STRIP POKER is an innovative project that surprises with ingenuity and interactivity. In ART STRIP POKER success in the game is rewarded by the gradual stripping of an opponent of the player’s choice, but it takes place in a way that no one else has ever accomplished – not only the clothes were painted on the girls’ bodies, there are several layers of them! So not only blouses and shorts are painted on but also intricate, lace underwear! But think about one more thing – the girl you see in front of you was and is already naked! What an illusion! The mind knows but the eye is deceived and sees the girl dressed despite all the clothes being made of only a few brush strokes of paint … What is reality here and what is a product of the imagination?

However, the original idea of the game is only part of the fun. The program features a very intuitive interface and an unsurpassed level of interactivity. Whether you are an experienced poker pro or perhaps shy and just beginning your adventure as a player, you choose who will oppose you in an exciting game and unveil their charms. The added body art, created by the world’s best in the field, gives a recipe for one of the most unique poker games in the world. So, ready for a moment of competition in an artistic atmosphere? Don’t wait – play the game now.

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