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A brief history of body painting

Although contemporary body painting is associated with advertising or the world of art, in fact, its history goes back many centuries. The earliest body paintings were performed by ancient tribes and as studies show, similar rituals have taken place in different parts of the world, albeit of varying intensity and form. The Aboriginal people in Australia painted their bodies differently, indigenous Africans painted differently, American Indians, people of India or Japan and even Europeans all painted their bodies differently. There were many different reasons for body painting such as initiation rituals which took place for adulthood, marriage, hunting, birth, death, war and for underlining a social position or aesthetic reasons. In today’s world, these traditions have remained in the form of make-up or the now, increasingly popular tattoo. Over time, and with artistic exploration, the art of body painting has moved on to the stage and into the gallery, where in various forms it has survived to
this day. Today, the art of body painting is more than just a type of characterization, found only in theatrical conditions – these amazing “works” on the skin have stormed art galleries, the world of advertising and cultural events, showing, in an extraordinary way, the beauty of the human body. Contemporary masters of body art, however, go even further, trying to blur the boundaries between what is real and what is not. Their designs delight showing their ability to communicate – because with skillfully applied paint, the human skin can change into a shell, denim material or a bird’s feathers in just a few minutes. The only limit is imagination and the master’s skill.

Body art in Art Strip Poker

Can you see this beautifully dressed, curvaceous woman in the picture at the side? At first sight everything looks normal, and the material seems to fit well to her slim figure … but only at a glance. Body art, which is an art of body painting, where artists magically create incredible patterns on skin, which are oftentimes delusively similar to real clothes. In ART STRIP POKER, the clothes painted on the bodies of beautiful girls underline their charms, which only a clever player can discover. For the full thrill of ART STRIP POKER, the amazing body paintings take on a special significance. All that is needed is for the opponent’s loss to reveal it is just a clever effect. And the effect? ART STRIP POKER is a unique game in which bodypainting masters blur the boundaries between imagination and what is real. This original concept, of beautifully painted opponents is the only project of its kind in the world. The visuals are stunning and complemented by excellent image quality, which allows even very finest of details to be seen on interactive video. Finally, as they say, ‘what eyes do not see, the heart regrets not’ – and in ART STRIP POKER it would be a sin to overlook anything.